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Each episode review has the same format, events in the episodes are broken up into the categories listed below (plus a couple of special categories that only apply to one or two episodes). Hopefully this structure will allow the interested reader to follow the themes and ongoing plotlines within 'Spaced' much more clearly. I have avoided giving long and pointless plot summaries as, let's face it, people would rather watch the DVDs than hear me tell them what happens. Instead, I have concentrated on several important themes and have brought together seemingly disparate threads from all the episodes to produce a critical, yet fun (I hope), series of reviews. I hope that these reviews will entertain and inform fans of Spaced, as well as encouraging more people to go out and watch the series. Enjoy!

"Skip to the end..."

A very brief synopsis of each episode.


Any first-time member of the cast who gets a line (or notable returning cast member) is listed here. Notable entries on the actor's CV are also given.


This is fairly self-explanatory, all (hopefully) of the film, TV, literature and music references, be they visual, verbal or stylistic, are listed here. Each reference includes a hyperlink to somewhere on the internet that gives more detail (if the author could find such a site).

First appearance of...

This section lists when various iconic 'Spaced' devices appear for the first time.

"...thumping tunes, kicking bass..."

'Spaced' has a very cool soundtrack, which is listed under this heading.

"...a super race of mice-spiders..."

Tim and Daisy have some very strange dreams and worries about the future. They also have to come up with all sorts of imaginative lies in order to deceive Marsha. This section lists all such creative brainstorms.

And I quote...

'Spaced' has some brilliantly quotable lines, here are some that you can probably use on your mates.

"What a bitch".

There are several fantastically witty and bitchy comebacks in the series, these are listed alongside people who are just plain rude.

Give that man a BAFTA

One of the most endearing and compelling parts of 'Spaced' is the camerawork. The editing and post-production in the series accentuate the inventive use of weird zooms and distorting cuts. Edgar Wright deserved a BAFTA, but it is well known that those whom control that BAFTAs wouldn't know good creative television if it slapped them in the face.

"Do you rent downstairs?"

Ambiguous sexual persuasions are liberally distributed all over the place in 'Spaced', they're all listed here.

"Today's youth... okay young adults."

One of the most consistent themes in 'Spaced' is the fear and mistrust of any other generation than your own, be it pensioners or teenagers. Being 20-somethings, Tim and Daisy are trapped between an eternal youth and a world that wants them to grow up.

Tim and Daisy sitting in a tree...

There is often a lot of sexual tension between Tim and Daisy; such moments are listed here.

"Ooh Mamma!"

There's plenty of booze, fags, drugs and tea in 'Spaced'.

"Fuck off Twist!"

This section is essentially a swear count for each episode, Channel 4 has certain rules pertaining to the use of swearing on their programs.

"Timmy: fetch me my tools!"

The series sometimes attempts forays into the world of science, technology and philosophy. Any references to such intellectual pursuits are listed here.

"Get off your arse!"

Idling around seems to be the number-1 pastime of the main characters at Meteor Street, be it playing on the Playstation or pretending to do research for an article.

"...pull my finger..."

Daisy is a bit of a tomboy at heart. Occasionally she will try to overcompensate, she usually ends up embarrassing everyone.

"Let's play!"

There is a lot of action in 'Spaced', from kung-fu to paintballing to Robotwars.

How's that for some Fried Gold?

Each episode's usually contains a couple of no-questions-asked best moments, these are the bits you remember and talk about in the pub with like-minded fans.

"Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"

The series relies heavily on geeky and nerdy references, usually this stems from Tim's obsession with science fiction and comics. Rather than just the references themselves, this section will list the characters' never-ending fascination with cult film, TV and comics.

"I just think he's a bit pretentious".

There is a lots of pretence in the series, and not just from Brian. Tim's obsession with science fiction and Daisy's obsession with pretending to be a genuine journalist all reek of ostentatious showing off. The main offender is Brian though, who's artistic adventures never cease to bamboozle and confuse all who gaze upon them.

"That was kind of unbelievable."

Sometimes weird and inexplicable things happen at Meteor Street, they are listed under this heading.

"Big's in this year."

Each of the characters' choice of clothing says a lot about the character themselves. Be it Brian's waistcoats or Mike's army surplus gear, this heading will keep a track of their fashion trends.

Finally, a word from your author.

The author gives a brief critical review of each episode and includes any additional information that doesn't fit neatly into any of the other categories above. Any interesting titbits from the DVD commentaries are also discussed here (not everyone has the time or inclination to watch such things).