Episode 2. "Gatherings"

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"Skip to the end..."

The one where Daisy and Tim throw a party in the flat.


Katy Carmichael as Twist
('Six pairs of pants' 'Liverpool 1' 'Coronation Street').

Tony Way as the paperboy
(Way was a writer on the '11 o'clock show' 'Comedy café' 'Barking').

Katie Pegg as one of Amber's two mates.

Brett Wilson as the green monster, he also plays the bouncer at the art show in episode 3.

First appearance of...

Mike being in the TA Tim drawing cartoons Daisy avoiding work by doing anything Twist being a bitch Kids mistaking Tim and Daisy as being middle-aged.


'The X-files' (The time 11:21 appears all over the place in the X-files) 'Close Encounters of the third kind' Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' (marching utensils) 'Fantasia' 'Misery' (Daisy's typing) 'X men' '9 and a half weeks' Andy Warhol 'Field of Dreams' 'Wayne's World' The artist Christo '2001: a space odyssey (the freezer is called 'CAL 900')' Bako-foil 'The Rocky horror show' 'Indiana Jones' films 'Reservoir Dogs' (Mike and Tim's gun stand-off) 'Evil Dead' ( "Join us!" ) 'The Blues Brothers' 'Tripods' 'The Magnificent Seven' 'Betty Blue'

"...thumping tunes, kicking bass..."

  • 'There must be an angel' by the Eurithmics.
  • 'The beat goes on' by The All-seeing Eye.
  • 'Albuquerque' by the Prefab Sprouts.
  • 'King of Rock and Roll' by the Prefab Sprouts.
  • 'True' by Spandau Ballet.
  • 'The power of love' by Huey Louis.
  • 'The Timewarp' from the Rocky horror show.
  • 'Centrefold' by J Geils Band
  • The jazz music that plays as we pan into the party is great.
  • 'American Pie' by Don McLean

"...a super race of mice-spiders..."

Tim is having a dream in which he's back together with Sarah, Sarah rather incredulously asks him "I chucked you? As if!" , he's then assaulted by his green monster suit. In an attack of his soon-to-become-familiar artsy pretentiousness, Brian describes Daisy's glitter ball as "...a tribute to Christo: the artist." , Tim sees it more as a "...waste, of Bako: the foil." Daisy can't escape an equally absent-mindedly bout of pretentious waffling at the party as she pretends to have written a new 'play', desperate for a name she looks about her for inspiration and finally comes up with "... Guacamole Window" .

And I quote...

Mike on the T.A.: ""Longest way up, shortest way down!""

Daisy: "If we have it they will come..."

Daisy is telling Tim how funny and brilliant Twist is, his response is simple and to the point: "Forget that; is she fit?"

"What a bitch!"

Daisy calls Tim a "...filthy bitch!" after he suggests that they de-scale the tea-pot together.

Twist to Daisy: "Stop feeling like a big fat ugly failure..." and "big's in this season; good for you."

Marsha shouts at Amber: "She's the devil in an 'A-cup'!"

Tim has been reading Daisy's diary, "Ha ha; thrush."

Twist says that the woman working in her corner shop "... stinks of garlic and looks like a turd in a wig"

Twist to Marsha: "Nice outfit. I can really see what you tried to do there." Meow!

Give that man a BAFTA!

Much of the camera work in the build up to the party (lots of handheld stuff with rapid and confusing cuts) pays homage to the 1990s TV series 'This Life'. There is the part where Tim and Daisy talk to each other in questions and then Tim's rant against students' with obsessions with blue things.

One of the episode's best visual gags occurs when we see that the time is 11am, pan slowly to Daisy and then back to the clock... it's now midday! How time flies when you can't get any work done.

"Do you rent downstairs?"

Marsha's lecherous behaviour around Brian is really nasty. She also tries it on with the paperboy at the end of the episode, Marsha gathers herself together and uses her best line: "... hullooo ..." . The paperboy must be a likeable chap as Daisy starts snogging him, he's got a brace on but Daisy thought it was a piercing (yuk!). Tim is lecherous in his own way when he gets excited about the prospect of going upstairs with Amber and her 14-year-old mates. Tim and Daisy say they make fake sex noises on a routine basis in order to convince Marsha they're a couple.

"Today's youth... okay, young adults"

The episode has lots of references to the fact that the main characters aren't as young as they would like to think they are (one of the most consistant themes of 'Spaced'), most notably when Amber's friends mistake Tim for Amber's Dad. Daisy describes her and Tim as "... us lovable 20-somethings..." , an youthful idea that is shattered when they see Amber and her friends, Daisy can only muster enough breath to mutter: "... they're all so thin!" . The episode ends in homage to 'Close encounters of the third kind' as Tim, Daisy and the gang bask in the brilliant glow coming from the upstairs party. Amber and her friends appear as mystical silhouetted figures in front of the blinding light. Tim belies his agedness by complaining that "... we should be listening to thumping tunes, kicking bass, god I sound so stupid!"

"Ooh Mamma!"

Marsha is ridiculously drunk at the end of the party as all the others go upstairs to join Amber, also note how drunk Mike is as he staggers around behind Tim as he pleads with Daisy to "Join us!" . When the paperboy offers Daisy a tablet she says "Go on, I'll have half." , "They're mints" he replies, "Yeah..." Daisy, slightly confused, continues "... I'll have half."

"Fuck off Twist!"

4 uses of 'shit', 'fuck' is used 3 times on the episode commentary while 'fuck off!' is used twice in the programme, both times directed at Tim by Amber's mates and Mike.

"Get off your arse!"

Daisy seems to be clinically unable to do any work for the entire episode. She moans about Tim making too much noise and then comes up with the idea for a party. Of course this only happens after they've cleaned the flat, which takes 9 and a half minutes (with the obvious reference to the film '9 and a half weeks'). The flatmates make comments about how "... it was inevitable really ..." in a clever reference to just about every TV program and film that used sexual tension between a male and female protagonist. It should be noted that they don't have sex in the cut between these scenes, indeed there is never a physical sexual relationship between Tim and Daisy. Such a relationship is hinted to at the end of both series and the way that Tim and Daisy see each other sexually is a constant theme.

"...pull my finger..."

"Let's play!"

Tim tells Mike to "...bring the Beretta!" to the party, he then tells him that he should bring his Gloch 17. Mike ends up bringing a landmine. Later on in the party Mike and Tim have a 'Reservoir Dogs' style stand off in the stairwell of the flat with the guns.

How's that for some Fried Gold?

Daisy tries to network with the social outcasts that are Brian and Mike. Daisy points to herself "Writer..." points to Brian "...artist..." and then points to Mike. Slightly confused Mike responds: "Err, 'Mike'." Mike and Brian are left standing together without a clue as to how to proceed.

The sequence in which Daisy and Tim almost let it slip that they sleep in separate rooms but Brian saves them with a brilliantly delivered "... don't worry ..." line is very funny. Brian then strides out of the room to the music of 'The Magnificent Seven' and promptly falls over. A bit of slapstick always works.

"Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"

Tim is drawing a picture of Wolverine slashing prices with 'Adamantium claws'. He also is angrily engaged in scribbling a pile of horrific images in the middle of Daisy's party, somewhat betraying the banality of Twist's view of him as 'nice'. Tim then firmly cements his social status as an uber-geek by summing up the people he mixes with, he tells Daisy that all of his mates are either at the East Finchley 'Uber-bowl' or a 'Tripods convention'.

"That was kind of unbelievable"

The fridge-freezer at Meteor Street is a 'CAL 900' and is described as being "... self-aware ..." by Brian as it frosts up so quickly. Perhaps more bizarre is Mike's assertion to Tim that his cousin is getting younger and that the government keep it all "... very hush hush ..."

"Big's in this year"

Each of the character's party-wear helps to solidify their personalities. Daisy wears a very strange rainbow coloured necklace with stars on it, she then comes up with a really weird pseudo-Japanese look for the party with some odd shiny beads on the side of her head. Twist is wearing some rubbish pink bows in her hair and a rather strange tight top and shoulder scarf combo. Note the way that she fluffs her nipples up as Daisy opens the door for her. Tim wears the same thing he always wears, i.e. a beige coloured shirt and combat trousers. Mike of course has the obligatory uniform and beret while Marsha sports a very 'Eastern' faux jewel on her forehead and Brian wears a black waistcoat.

Finally, a word from your author...

This is one of my least favourite episodes, probably because not a lot happens and, even though 'providing much-needed security' is quite funny, Mike is sorely underused. Given this, the episode is still a riot and thematically spot-on in terms of satirising the lives of modern twenty-somthings while having a go at the unrealistic sophistication of 'This Life' and the sugar-coated blandness of 'Friends'. The series' plot moves quite quickly, and by the end of the episode it is only Marsha who doesn't know Tim and Daisy aren't a couple. No prizes therefore for spotting the obvious 'fear of the older generation' subtext to the whole episode. The ways that people in a certain age group perceive and react to those in other age groups is a central theme in the entire series. Amber's mates think Tim is Amber's Dad despite the fact that he is only 10 years older than them, while everyone is cagey and uncomfortable around Marsha. This episode forms a sort of an antithesis to 'This Life' in that these 20-somethings are, at least at Daisy's party, ostentatious, annoying geeks who have to crash a 14-year-old's party in order to regain their 'cool'.

When Amber's friends knock on Tim and Daisy's flat and mistake Tim for Amber's Dad, the girl on the right is Simon Pegg's sister.