Episode 6. "Epiphanies"

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"Skip to the end..."

The one where they all go clubbing.


Michael Smiley as Tyres
(Smiley is a stand up comic from Ulster)

First appearance of...

Tyres Everyone going clubbing Mike's love of clubbing Tim wearing make up.


'A Clockwork Orange' 'The X files' (Brian's clock says 11.21) 'Apocalypse Now' The Rough Ramblers 'We are the champions' (Mike's 'thumbs-up') 'Grange Hill' 'The Village of the Dammed' 'Crimewatch' the boardgame Scrabble Pantene 'Pro V' shampoo Madonna Galliano 'Captain Marvel' 'The A team' ( "I pity the fool..." etc) 'Ready Steady Cook' Wilfred Bramble.

"...thumping tunes, kicking bass..."

  • 'Eileen' by Dexy's midnight runners
  • The theme tune from 'The A team'
  • 'Iena Sequence' by Robert Picardo.
  • 'Because we want to' by Billie Piper.
  • 'Let me show you' (Tall Paul remix) by Camisra is the unrelenting dance beat that plays in the night club.
  • Tyres makes up his own dance beat out of a ringing phone and boiling kettle

"...a super race of mice-spiders..."

Tyres' ability to construct and move to a dance beat consisting of a boiling kettle, a ticking clock, Daisy pouring water and a phone ringing deserves a PhD in imaginary thinking. Tim and Daisy say that they both "feel for Amber" . Daisy imagines Amber as a rebellious teen struggling for a creative outlet while Tim is more interested in her school uniform.

And I quote...

Marsha tells Daisy why Amber is in a mood, "Her Dad left."
Daisy, "I thought that was when she was 2?"
Marsha: "Yeah she is milking it a bit."

Tim to Mike: "Don't let them dress you up like a giant cock."

Daisy: "I heard you call her name [Sarah] out in your sleep last night."
Tim: "How did you know I was asleep?"
Daisy: "Well why would you call her name out if you were awake?"

Tyres: "You lucky people!"

Tim: "It wasn't so much of an Eskimo roll, it was more of a case of rolling right Inuit!"

Mike: "Oh only for the, only for the, only for the hardcore UK raver. Ba ba nyow nyow, havin it large havin it major havin it large havin it major, oof oof oof oof; Rewind! Uble-uble-uble..."

"What a bitch!"

Tyres: "Don't get sarky with me mate, that bike's my living; not like you pretending to be some struggling cartoonist poncing off the state while decent taxpayers like me fund your drink problem. I wouldn't mind so much, but you seem to be having such a SHIT TIME! Anyway I was just coming back from a club I was passing your gaff and I remembered; you owe me 20 quid.""

After Tyres asks if Tim and Daisy are an item, Tim says "... no Daisy's not like that..." . Meow!

Tim tells Mike to "Come here you big twat!" , the camera than cuts immediately to Twist...

Daisy: "Where's Brian?"
Tim: "Up his own arse."

Tim on Brian: "I do like him, I'm just not sure why."

Tyres and his mood swings.

"Last night? Last night was A1, tip-top, clubbing jam fair. It was a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread, wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge. It doesn't get much better than that, I just wish I could control these FUCKING MOOD SWINGS!!"

Tyres to Daisy: "Don't come your post-feminist, art-school bollocks with me sunflower, if that's your real friggin' name, all right? I work for a living, what do you do?"
Daisy: "I write actualy."
Tyres: "Oh do you; in other words you're on the dole!"

Tyres: "OK, I'm going for a shit a shower and a shave. I'll be back for youse about eleven o'clock all right. Pack your party bags people, 'cos tonight is gonna be a large one all right. Be lucky! Oi-oi!" Tyres cycles out of the flat on fast forward.

Give that man a BAFTA!

All the energetic camera zooms and spins while Tyres is dancing to the ringing phone in the flat are great.

The camera work in the nightclub, including rapid zooms in time to the beat of the music, gives a good impression of the claustrophobia and intensity of such an establishment. Edgar Wright uses lots of tight and close camera angles as well as blurring the image when the music peters away, almost like going on and coming down from a trip (although see "Ooh Mamma!" for drug references). There is more rapid camera work involving 'speed-up' sequences while Tim and Daisy play Scrabble. Edgar Wright insists that he thought of doing 'speed-up' long before it was in 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', one wonders why he feels the need to point this out? After all the film 'Lock Stock...' isn't the only place speed-ups have ever been used.

"Do you rent downstairs?"

Tyres is obsessed with the idea that Daisy and Tim must be an item. He says "I can't get my head round this platonic inter-gender relationship malarkey ... I don't mind having a chinwag with a honey, but I just like to do it after waggling her chin..." Bonus points for use of the word 'malarkey'.

Tim and Daisy sitting in a tree...

Tyres opens a can of worms when he asks Daisy and Tim are they're together, Tim says that "... Daisy's not like that..." which she later questions him on as they saunter through the park playing with Colin. Tim reacts with an "Urgh!" at Daisy's suggestion that Tyres will think they're double dating if they get Brian and Twist to come together. Daisy then psycho-analyses Tim, telling him that "... you've got a v-big problem with your ex g-friend!" Later, at the rave, Tim and Daisy idly chat about having a big house in Hampstead, getting a club in their flat and being the 'King and Queen' of club land.

"Ooh Mamma!"

Interesting that in an episode about clubbing, there is not a single mention of drugs at all (although Tim does offer Twist a 'cheap Dutch lager'). One presumes that this was deliberate on the part of the writers; by not mentioning drugs they avoid the wrath of the censors while at the same time avoiding the dreaded label of attempting to appear 'cool'. Besides, Tim and Daisy look utterly minced in the club while Mike must have taken something to get so hyper as the credits roll (see above).

There's plenty of tea to make up for this though, Daisy offers a cuppa to Tyres but he wont have one as his "...stomach's like a walnut..." and as such he can't eat any solids. Since when was tea solid? Or is there actually an oblique drugs references buried in here somewhere? Daisy has a look of total surprise on her face when he asks for water. Daisy mentions that after half a bottle of Galliano all Tim will talk about is his ex-girlfriend Sarah.

"Fuck off Twist!"

Daisy throws scrabble letters at Tim that spell 'fuck'. Tyres uses 'shit' 3 times and 'bollocks' once while he's in the flat in the morning.

"Get off your arse!"

When Brian tells Tim he's working he asks him if he understands, "No..." Tim replies "...you've got me there."

"...pull my finger..."

Daisy's insistence that Pro V is a real substance "... that makes the hair silky and smooth!" smacks of a desperate attempt to prove that she's got some femininity in her somewhere. Tim points out that 'Pro V' is jsut a load of rubbish made up to mave shampoo sound interesting and important. Well said sir.

"...he's just a bit pretentious."

Tim comments "I don't really see Brian throwing shapes in the church of dance, do you?" Brian then proves Tim's assersion by leaning to Twist in the nightclub and asking her "Who wrote the music?!"

Brian had, earlier in the episode, been painting with his penis; or "trying ... to avoid ... clichés ... by not actually placing my brush on the canvas" . The sound effects imply that his penis is about 2 feet long though.

Brian isn't the only pretentious one in the episode, Daisy takes over when she muses on what Brian wants to borrow the video for: "What are you gonna do? Stick it to a canvas as part of a piece depicting a society populated by cathode junkies selling their imagination for quick-fix media hits from the Blockbuster syringe?" Brian replies that he just wants to tape 'Ready Steady Cook' (at night?), egg on Daisy's face!

"Let's play!"

Mike nearly drowns himself doing an Eskimo roll in the Rough Ramblers, he tried to put too many rocks in his rucksack in order to prove himself a 'big man'. He also appeared on 'Crimewatch' a couple of months before the events of this episode. What he was wanted for is never revealed although it could be in connection with a raid on an animal testing laboratory...

Tim hits a guy when he throws a stick for Colin to chase.

How's that for some Fried Gold?

Tyres turns to leave the club, then like some guardian angel he looks back at Tim and Daisy dancing happily and thinks to himself in a deep booming voice: "My work here is done."

The introduction of Tyres is a comic masterstroke. When he goes into one of his polemics the hard house music kicks in and the camera angles shift subtly, often in between the individual syllables of the words he's saying, giving the impression that he's a rather hyperactive man on a speed rush. The mere boiling of a kettle of ringing of the phone is enough to get him up and dancing, just genius.

"Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"

Tim is absolutely insistent that 'Shazam' is a real word because he's "... got a pile of comics this big..." and "... Captain Marvel says it."

"That was kind of unbelievable.

Tyres is often in more than one place at the same time as he dances about to the sound of the ringing phone at Meteor Street.

"Big's in this year."

There are some great outfits in this episode. Twist has a fairy outfit including wings (while she carries a bag called 'slag bag') while Mike dresses initially in a ridiculously tight pink shirt before ending up with a fantastic jesters hat, glowing hoops, a whistle and just about every other item of clubbing paraphernalia you can imagine. In the morning Daisy has her trademark flowery dressing gown and stripy slacks before changing into a kind of an urban terrorist when they go clubbing. Tim appears to enjoy wearing Daisy's clothes.

Finally, a word from your author

This is just great stuff isn't it? Can anyone think of a better incidental character in a TV sit-com than Tyres? Every bit of the character, from his flying visit to the flat to his departure at the club, is a joy to watch; he's a smorgasbord of every cliché of every serial clubber there ever was, this is man who looks like he never sleeps. The lack of any drug references in the episode is quite interesting, see 'Ooh Mamma' above, while the direction in 'Epiphanies' gives a better feeling of the heat and intensity of a nightclub than I have ever seen before on television.

Just how old is Brian? The opening scene of the episode indicates that Brian is out clubbing in 1983, given that the transmission of the first series of Spaced occured in the winter of 1998-1999 we must assume that Brian is at least 30. This puts him on the edge of Tim and Diasy's generation (as far as they are concerned).

The club names for each of the characters are 'Timothy B', 'Mike Le Watt', 'Twist O'Lemon', 'Happy Diaz', 'Wilfred Bramble' and 'Brian Can't'.