Episode 13. "Dissolution"

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"Skip to the end..."

The one where Daisy's birthday goes wrong after Marsha discovers Tim and Daisy aren't a couple.


Ricky Gervais as the guy in the Loot office
('The Office' 'Meet Ricky Gervais' 'The eleven o'clock show')

Sally Grace as the voice of Daisy's mum
('Coronation Street' 'Casualty')

Andy Lucas as the waiter
('Sexy Beast' 'Alien versus Predator')

Charlotte Palmer as the woman in the Loot office
('Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show')


'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (sound effects as Brian develops his photos) 'The Omen' (Brian's photos) 'Logan's Run' 'The Blair Witch Project' (a child laughing as Tim and Mike sit in their tent) Threshers Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Prisoner cell block H Colwyn Bay 'Star Wars' (Daisy's light sabre lipstick) 'Bugsy Malone' (piano music in the restaurant) Scooby Doo 'The Empire Strikes Back' (the entire final scene)

First appearance of...

Marsha knowing the truth about Daisy and Tim The revelation that Marsha's advert was never meant to say 'professional couple only' Daisy's seething hatred of Sophie Daisy ignoring Colin.

"...thumping tunes, kicking bass..."

  • 'Crickets Dub' and 'Herbal Alpert' by Sons of Silence
  • 'Jungle Baby' by Juan Erlando and his Latin band.
  • 'Mu-tron' by the Super Furry Animals.
  • Gothic style choral music that sounds like it should be in 'The Omen', plays across several moments when friendships begin to fall apart.

"...a super race of mice-spiders..."

Marsha thinks that Tim is cheating on Daisy by having an affair with Sophie. Of course she doesn't realise that Tim and Daisy aren't really a couple. Marsha tells Tim that he's a "... very bad man..." and a "... bastard" and that she will tells Daisy his secret if he doesn't. The only 'secret' Tim can think of is the cake (in the shape of a typewriter) that he has had made for Daisy's birthday, he is positively bamboozled by the idea that Marsha would tell Daisy about this and ruin the surprise.

And I quote...

Tim: "I'd look like a twat in a jumpsuit."
Daisy: "Don't say that Tim, that's a word that hates women."
Tim: "What, twat?"
Daisy: "No, jumpsuit."

Tim: "Bitter Mike?"
Mike: "No, are you?"
Tim: "Would you like a pint of bitter Mike?"
Mike: "Err, yeah."

Tim: "Mike you'll always be my number 1."
Mike: "Then why are you treating me like I'm a number 2?"

Tim advises Brian on his break up with Twist: "You're gonna be fine, you'll spend a long time thinking you wont be, then you'll wake up one morning and you will be. And then after a while you'll miss the fact that you're not cos it's almost scarier when you are, cos at least when you're not you've got something to cling to and then, after that, then you're gonna be fine."

"What a bitch".

Daisy spends the entire episode being as bitchy as Humanly possible to Sophie. Sophie has spent the night in the flat with Tim, when she emerges from Tim's room Daisy feels she should invite her to the birthday bash. So she takes a large mouthful of water and gurgles the question out; Sophie, of course, hears her perfectly and would love to come out. After the night out Sophie decides to leave early when the meal degenerates into a slanging match, Daisy calls out "Bye!" in a manner that can only really be described as 'very bitchy'.

It is finally revealed to Marsha that Tim and Daisy are not a couple, Marsha says that they must all think she's an idiot. Daisy has to prompt Mike and Brian into disagreeing with her.

Tim finally cracks at Twist's obnoxious behaviour: "Well thank you very much Mrs Magnanimous, you picked a fine time to grow a FUCKING CONSCIENCE!"

Tim: "Bitter Mike?"
Mike "No, are you?"
Tim: "Do you want a pint of bitter Mike?"
Mike: "Oh, err, yeah."

Give that man a BAFTA

There's a great visual gag when Daisy discusses with Tim and Sophie the fact that she feels bad about lying to Marsha all this time. The camera pans around so that a pair of bananas in a fruit bowl appear behind Daisy's head looking like devil horns and the same dramatic choral (Omen-style) music which threads through the entire episode kicks in for a second.

"Do you rent downstairs?"

Marsha asks Tim if he and Sophie are late because they "... got delayed at the office?" Tim says: "I had to pop in, yeah."

"Today's youth... okay young adults."

It's Daisy's birthday and she's 26, an age which Tim considers to be 'getting old'. He tells her that she's nearly dead (although he admits that would only be in 'Logan's Run'). After Marsha has stormed out of the restaurant because of finding out about Daisy and Tim's deception, Tim says that the incident has "... destroyed her faith in the integrity of today's youth." Daisy, Mike and Brian look at him quizzically, he corrects himself "young adults." Marsha's reaction to being lied to seems to revolve around the fact that she had thought she had been 'in' with a group of young people and that now she's devastated to discover they must have been laughing at her. This is endemic of relationships with younger people as one gets older, one can never be sure if they're really your friends or just get you to tag along like some kind of museum piece as they laugh secretly at your old-fashioned ways (like not being able to write text messages with your eyes closed).

Tim and Daisy sitting in a tree...

Daisy is oddly threatened by Sophie's presence in Tim's life.

"Ooh Mamma!"

At the restaurant Daisy has a Bloody Mary, Twist has a triple vodka, Mike drinks bitter while Marsha has a bottle of wine with one glass (she is positively shocked at the suggestion that she might need more than one glass). Marsha also says, earlier in the day, that she had "... best go off to Threshers, do the weekly shop." When Tim wakes up in the morning him and Daisy agree that they are both very hung over, Tim says "I swear to god I will never drink again, until lunchtime." Tim also says that he had an involved discussion with a baker about pasties.

"Fuck off Twist!"

Marsha calls Tim and bastard for supposedly cheating on Daisy with Sophie, there are several uses of both 'twat' and 'fuck', notably when Tim shouts at Twist in the restaurant towards the end of the episode.

"Timmy: fetch me my tools!"

Brian is developing his own photos, in homage to 'The Omen' there are lines on the images indicating the breaking up of friendships.

"Get off your arse!"

Daisy imagines herself working at the Colwyn Bay Gazette; she types furiously before calling for a new headline "Hit me!" What grandiose aspirations Daisy has for her journalistic career.

After they finish their food fight in the restaurant the manger tells them "The way I see it is that we have two choices, either we can call the police or you can clear up this mess yourselves." Our heroes have a vote, Tim and Mike would rather the police were called than have to do any cleaning. Thankfully the two girls and Brian vote to break the mops out.

"...pull my finger..."

Daisy does her level best to get everyone's attention for the right reasons at her birthday bash. She dresses up in a dazzling black dress with silver gilding, a golden necklace and hair that she has clearly spent longer than 5 minutes on; upon entering the restaurant everyone goes 'wow!'. Except that they're looking at a big cake behind her. Bad luck Daise, try again next year.

"Let's play!"

Mike has a pair of pistols in holsters labelled 'M' and 'T'. There is opportunity for violence in the restaurant, the verbal fisticuffs degenerates into a food fight in which Daisy's wonderfully constructed birthday cake is slung all over the place; even over Twist, her pleas of a yeast allergy falling on deaf ears.

How's that for some Fried Gold?

Twist gets one of the episode's best lines. As she discusses Daisy's dress sense she comments "You're not betraying the sisterhood just by brushing your hair once in a while."

Just after we find out that Twist has 'finished' with Brian we cut to Tim going into his flat. "Brain no!" he screams as red liquid sprays across his face; he sinks to his knees clutching his shirt: "Oh God! Why! This is new." Brian is 'experimenting' with paint again.

I love the 'Empire strikes back' pastiche at the episode's finale. Everything from Tim saying "See you at the rendezvous." is lifted straight out of the final scene of the Star Wars film, even down to Mike doing a pretty good Chewie impression when he yawns.

"Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"

Tim compares Twist to Cordelia "... from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and later Angel which was set in LA." He then calls Brian a square because he doesn't know what Tim is talking about. Tim tells Daisy that she would be dead in 4 years "... if this was Logan's run." 'Logan's Run' is a sci-fi film in which citizens of a futuristic society are expected to offer themselves up for extermination at the age of 30.

"I just think he's a bit pretentious".

Brian's insistence on wearing waistcoats when they go out for Daisy's birthday doesn't help him look anything less than an artist up his own arse. I can't tell whether this counts as pretentiousness, but Tim comforts Brian by patting him on the shoulder with a prosthetic arm. Maybe this is just a symbol of a masculine unwillingness to initiate physical contact.

Daisy says 'Merci' to the waiter in the restaurant, for a start I thought the restaurant was Spanish (given the Spanish guitar music) and even if the place was French there's no need to speak French as the head waiter is clearly from East London.

"That was kind of unbelievable."

Brian's camera seems to have similar properties to the one used in 'The Omen', predicting the splitting of friendships by showing grey lines between everyone in the pub. Daisy's Mum is still leaving a message on the answer phone after Daisy gets back from the shops.

"Big's in this year."

Twist discusses Daisy's 'look' at great length. Well when I say 'discusses' she just strings together a series of put-downs "You always wear that shanty town look and it's really quite last centaury" and "I wish I could dress down like that." when Daisy appears in a lavish silver and black evening dress. Twist looks very pretty in the black dress she tries on in the fashion store.

Everybody gets dressed up for the two nights out, the day before and on Daisy's birthday. Mike wears his obligatory army surplus gear, Twist her obligatory purple hair decorations, Tim his obligatory black T-shirt and lurid logo while Daisy wears her latest blouse designed to prove that she is a woman. Brian selects two different shirt-plus-waistcoat combos that scream 'artist' for each night out. Tim manages to find a proper shirt for Daisy's birthday while the girl herself makes a special effort, she wears a dress! Also, check out the massive hats Tim and Mike are wearing when we see them playing on the playstation, you could hide anything under there.

Finally, a word from your author.

An episode with lots of great moments, but a minor failing in that it tries too hard to ram the message of disillusionment down the throats of the viewer. The cheesiest moments being the sequence where each of the characters shakes their head in despondency of friendships falling apart and the shattering glass when Marsha finds out about Daisy and Tim's deceptions. This is the closest that 'Spaced' ever got to doing a genuine two-parter, this episode containing the gloomy set up plus cliff-hanger, next week we will get the heart-warming resolution. This is seems especially clear in the way that they use the 'Empire Strikes Back' ending to ensure that this is a 'to be continued' episode. The episode's best comedy moments arise from the re-introduction of Twist, a character who has been strangely absent throughout the second series. Pegg and Stevenson have taken the opportunity to go to town on the bitchy one-liners and play her split with Brian to great effect (Twist glosses over their relationship while Brian begins to tumble down into his pre-Twist-like insular artisanship). Tim and Daisy are also finally given the chance to tell Twist to 'fuck off!', something I suspect they've always wanted to do.