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Tim Bisley

Tim Bisley is a man who can't work out if he wants to be a graphic artist or to sit around all day playing computer games and getting drunk. Of course these two things are probably not mutually exclusive, but Tim seems to find it hard to get any direction in his life. Being in a dead-end job, moving into a dodgy flat with a girl he hardly knew, his obsession with science fiction and fantasy and his insistence on getting around on a skateboard may, in some circles, have labelled him as a socially retarded geek. In fact, due to the nature of the people he chooses to associate with, he is by far the 'coolest' of all the characters on 'Spaced'. Tim works in a comic book store and spends most of his spare time playing 'Resident Evil' or 'Tomb Raider' and watching cult films like 'The Evil Dead' and 'Akira' while smoking drugs. He's the sort of guy you would probably want to invite to a party.

Daisy Steiner

Daisy likes to describe herself as a journalist, or a writer. No doubt she likes to write stuff, but often someone who works as a writer will get paid for the trouble. Getting paid work is a serious problem for Daisy. She is also a bit of a tomboy who is prone to wild over-exaggerations when telling people about her life or her current projects. She is bewildered by the world around her, conflicting messages about how women should dress, behave and present themselves contradict her overriding impulse to sit around and vegetate. Daisy is a woman with a short attention span, her mind easily shifts to whatever distraction will take her thoughts off the fact that she still doesn't have a job. Having said this, she's quite a sensitive person, who is always the first to sympathise when others are feeling low. Daisy has had several jobs, although none of them seem to have lasted for more than a week. Tim and Daisy live together in the middle floor flat at 23 Meteor Street.

Mike Watt

Mike seems to inhabit a fantasy world in which he is a super soldier and everything around him is either a mission or a battle that needs to be fought and conquered; to this end he insists upon always wearing army surplus clothing and carrying concealed weapons. It is unclear whether being in the TA has given him this complex, or merely fed into what was already there. Thankfully though, his best (only?) friend is Tim Bisley, and this fact keeps his feet firmly on the ground. Having said this, he still likes to empty a couple of Uzi magazines down at the firing range and steal the occasional tank from time to time. Pastimes include terrorising cats, building fighting robots and paint-balling.

Brian Topp

Brian inhabits the ground floor at Meteor street, he is an artist, although it may be difficult to work that out from what he actually does. Brian is a bit of a post modern impressionist, his works include painting in his own blood, dressing up as a blob of paint, using his penis as a brush and placing a ringing green telephone in a bare red room. The point of such art, and if he has ever received any money for it, is unclear. What is clear is that Brian's art thrives under pressure and pain, his most artistically creative periods coming when he is at an emotional nadir. He is a very emotional man, one who reacts strikingly to what goes on around him. This can often be a problem for his friends though, as his reluctance to discuss his emotions cause him to become insular and weird. Brian can often be seen wearing ludicrously pretentious outfits that would befit a French artisan, berets and waistcoats etc.

Twist Morgan

Twist's personality can be summed up in one word, shallow. For Twist, everything is about appearances and fašade, she is obsessed by dressing up, going out and 'being seen'. For some reason she is Daisy's best friend, although all she ever does is put down her choice of apparel and tell her that she needs to lose weight. Essentially she is the archetypal 'bitch', the most important thing is herself and sod the rest. Lapses into conscientious thought are short-lived and often only come after a particularly bitchy spell. Twist can often be found hanging out in gay nightclubs in Manchester.

Marsha Klein

Marsha lives, with her daughter Amber, on the top floor of 23 Meteor Street, she is the landlady. Marsha is a heavy drinker and smoker, but if you get her talking she has a large number of secrets hidden away in her colourful past. She was almost an Olympic athlete, was in the Hell's Angels and befriended the Rolling Stones. Marsha can often appear rather lecherous, especially when fulfilling her 'agreement' with Brian regarding his rent, although it is clear that she has a tender side and has merely fallen on tough emotional times (she has had two failed marriages and Amber is a proper hellion). Marsha's main pastime involves finding free booze at art galleries, or wherever.