Episode 7. "Ends"

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"Skip to the end..."

The one where Tim nearly gets back together with Sarah, while Twist and Brian go on a date and Mike returns to the TA.


Simon Kunz as the TA interviewer
('Four Weddings and a Funeral' 'The Parent Trap' 'Goldeneye' 'Brass Eye' 'Hippies')

First appearance of...

Mike being in the TA Mike actually firing a gun Daisy writing an article The video of skateboarding accidents Brian and Twist getting together.


'Akira' Dana Scully Lara Croft 'Star Wars' (Diasy tells Tim he's best at looking after himself, just as Princess Leia tells Ham Solo) 'Star Trek' (Daisy's Bat'leth sword) 'Cher' ('Do you believe in life after love?') Andy McNabb Andie MacDowell Chieftain tanks Euro Disney 'Space Mountain' 'Salacious Crumb' from 'Return of the Jedi (Jabba's little mate) Tekken 2 Bogling 'Aswad' 'The Shining' (The cuts as Daisy looms over her typewriter) 'Top Shop' William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' ('Et tu Brian') 'Officer and a Gentleman' 'The Fifth Element' 'Bella' magazine 'The Guardian' newspaper.

"... thumping tunes, kicking bass ..."

  • 'Piacere Sequence' by Teo Usuelli
  • 'Test Card' by Fuzz Townsend
  • 'S'il vous plait?' by the Fantastic Plastic Machine
  • 'Is you is or is you aint my baby?'
  • 'Don't turn around.' By Aswad
  • The theme tune from 'Murder she Wrote'

"... a super race of mice-spiders..."

Tim has a flash-forward of his meeting with Sarah in which he's very smooth: "Daddy cool" . We finally get to see the end of Mike and Tim's thought bubble and see how they became such good friends. Tim persuaded Mike to jump off a tree when they were young, Mike's retinas fell off and so he never made it into the real army. Daisy, towards the end of the episode, finds Tim's art notebook, this lad's got some serious emotional disorders given the evil and terror in the cartoons he draws.

And I quote...

Tim: "I'm not your Dad Mike! Now here's your sandwiches I'll pick you up at 5."

Brian: "I see all my ex-girlfriends... well not so much 'see' as 'watch'..."

Brian to Twist: "I'll pop back later if you change your ... shoes."

Mike has wisdom: "Maybe she's [Daisy] just worried about you stumbling blindly into a doomed relationship, getting badly hurt again, while at the same time losing this place and the friendship you've built up over the past six months. It clearly means a lot to her, cos if it didn't she wouldn't be so bothered about your emotional wellbeing."
Tim (unimpressed): "Get in the car you big ape!"
Mike: "OK then!"

Daisy: "That's love isn't it, a load of old wank."

"What a bitch!"

Daisy ponders why Sarah wants to see Tim, "Maybe she wants her CD player back?"
"Maybe she's getting married?"
"Maybe she's pregnant?"

Daisy to Tim: "Well look after yourself, cos that's what you're best at isn't it?" This is what Princess Leia says to Han Solo just before the battle with the Death Star in 'Star Wars'.

Tim: "I think I'm big enough and old enough to make my own mistakes!"
Daisy: "Well Sarah obviously does!"
* Daisy Steiner WINS!! *

Brian: "What kind of creature tortures someone just to satisfy their vanity?"
Cut to Twist and Daisy preening themselves.

Marsha calls Twist 'Twit'.

Give that man a BAFTA!

One of the best visual sequences in the episode is when Tim and Daisy argue in the style of Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix, the characters from Tekken 2. As each of them scores a verbal hit we cut to their respective Tekken character landing a combo on the other. By the end it is obvious that Daisy has won the argument, we see Nina Williams pulling a death move on Phoenix, "Daisy Steiner wins!"

"Do you rent downstairs?"

Marsha tells Daisy about the 'arrangement' between her and Brian in respect of his rent, "I'm riding him like a bitch from hell!" Daisy asks if he left a deposit (groan).

Brian is involved in one of the weirdest bits of the show, he is staring at Twist's bum from about 6 inches away, "Nice, arse. 1957." So was Twist born in 1957 then? No, it's the name of one of Tunde Aragundade's paintings.

In an unnervingly frank discussion, Tim talks about his 'moment of clarity' in terms of having an orgasm by himself "... watching some porn movie you bought on a drunken lonely night in Soho." Daisy looks for assurances that he doesn't watch porn in the flat before asking if she can borrow some.

"Today's youth... okay young adults."

Daisy gets a frightening flash-forward to her own future when Marsha tells her "... I hope you never leave ..." , she sees herself as an old woman bogling to Aswad. That image gives her the mental kick up the backside she needed in order to do some work.

Tim and Daisy sitting in a tree...

Let's recap Tim's poem then;

I've held you in my arms a thousand times, closed my eyes and known we would always be together.
I smiled at you though all your many lies, unknowing and unthinking that eternity would be never.
As distance dulls the memory and bitter history grows hazy,
I realise my one true love is in fact a girl called...

Tim and Daisy look very pally when they scramble over the bean bag to get to the phone at the start of the episode. Tim has also drawn a cartoon of him and Daisy together and called it 'happiness'. There are some lines to be read between methinks.

"Ooh Mamma!"

Marsha offers Daisy "... a splash of 'vino collapso'." She also tells Daisy that her and Brian had some "... duty free grappa ..." and that she needs to lie down "I'm pissed."

"Fuck off Twist!"

Daisy calls Tim a "... conceited little shit!"

Marsha says that "... the fruit of my loins has fucked off to Top Shop with the housekeeping."

Tim comments on his own life: "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Get off your arse!"

Daisy complains that she has "... loads of work to do." And then immediately plays Tekken. Of course she insists that she hasn't been avoiding work for the entire series, Tim points out that she suggested having a party, doing a play, getting a dog and made them "... spend hours in front of our bedroom mirror bogling to Aswad!" He then tells her that she's "... using my emotional problems as another in a long line of excuses not to get out your bloody typewriter and do some work!" In fact Daisy spends the entire episode doing nothing at all before Marsha'a pep-talk gets her going.

"... he's just a bit pretentious..."

Brian and Twist go to an art exhibition of Tunde Aragundade's white paintings of the 20th centaury (Twist comments that they're all so "... 'samey'." ); later Brian tells Twist that next week is Roman Duchamp's exhibition of insect faecal matter. Twist says "Faecal, Lovely." Is Twist really interested in art, or is she only interested in Brian?

Daisy's articles

Apparently Daisy has been researching 'bogling to Aswad', although exactly how much research one would need to do on this topic in order to write an article for the Guardian is not clear. Her articles are 'Winter skin care do's and don'ts', 'Sex and food: the modern woman's addiction' and 'Bogling - is it the new tango?'

"Let's play!"

Tim's celebration dance - after meeting with Sarah - involves him doing a handstand, hugging a passer by, heading a football and doing a great 'nunchuks' style thing with his keys. Later when Brian gets a date with Twist he celebrates similarly, but being Brian he fails to pull off the cartwheel, the person he hugs struggles to get away and he gets hit in the face with the ball.

Mike fires his semi-automatic weaponry at the end of the episode with a suitable mania.

How's that for some Fried Gold?

How's about that sequence when Daisy and Tim exchange banter of proverbs?
Tim: "I can read her [Sarah] like a book."
Daisy: "Don't judge a book by its cover."
Tim: "He who dares wins."
Daisy: "Look before you leap."
Tim: "Do you believe in life after love?"
Daisy: "That's a song."
Tim: "Shit."

Part of Mike's re-evaluation to get him back into the TA involves a psychological profiling in which they ask him what he sees in a series of abstract images. Mike sees "War; bombs; guts; guns; guts and guns; butterfly." The TA interviewer gives him a surprised look, Mike quickly changes his last answer to "A butterfly with a bomb!" The interviewer than hands Mike a knife and asks him how it makes him feel, Mike gives a grin and chuckle that's very 'serial killer'. "Nice." ... "Welcome back Mike."

"Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"

Tim comments that Sarah is "... the only woman I've ever cared about who wasn't computer generated or a fictional FBI agent ..." , one presumes, given the drawings all over the walls, that he's talking about Lara Croft and Dana Scully. He can't resist another Star Wars reference when describing Daisy as being like "... Jabba's little mate - 'Wahahaha'."

"That was kind of unbelievable."

Mike's story about why he was kicked out of the TA is fabulous, apparently he was in some kind of delusional state in which he attempted to invade Paris in a tank but got distracted and ended up in Euro Disney instead. When asked why he thought he had done this he simply shrugs his shoulders and delivers a fantastic ""I dunno."" which, written phonetically, is more of an "ururu" accompanied by a shoulder shrug.

The new doorbell at Meteor Street sounds like an alarm and goes off just as Tim tells Daisy he might be moving out and then again when Daisy suggests that Sarah is just as likely to dump him again.

At the end of the episode the lighting in the flat is suddenly all blue, hmmm, perhaps a metaphor for how Daisy is feeling methinks.

"Big's in this year."

Daisy's wearing her 'Dauphine libre' jumper again while Tim has an alien shirt on. Twist wears lots of dark blue, pink and purple. When they go to the art exhibition Twist is wearing a pair of garish yellow shoes (borrowed from Daisy) and Brian wears his usual pretentious garb of a leather jacket and big scarf.

Finally, a word from your author...

I love this finale to series 1 of Spaced. That final sequence, in which it is effectively the writers who are moaning about the fact that "... happy endings are a myth..." and that "... the re-establishment of the status quo..." never happens, has the audience thinking 'You're right, I hate TV programs when everything's happily ever after'. Then in the very same scene they manage to whip the carpet away from under our feet and present us with a happy ending that works and makes sense, Daisy and Tim dance in each others' arms, Brian and Twist are together and happy, Amber isn't the hellion we all thought and Mike's enjoying life again.

How do the writers get away with this? Partially because nothing in that final scene is really different to anything that's come before (i.e. Tim and Daisy have always done things together, there was a tension between Twist and Brian since episode 2, we knew Amber couldn't possibly be that bad and Mike's just being Mike) and partially because the writers have earned themselves a happy ending by telling a coherent story over the entire series. Now that's fried gold my friend.

The name 'Tunde Aragundade' comes from a guy Jessica Stevenson's Mum dated. Edgar Wright did the voice-overs used in the Tekken parody. The band that plays 'Is you is or is you aint ...' in the pub at the end is actually Simon Pegg's Dad's band.