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The X Files (1998).
Starring: David Duchovney, Gillian Anderson.
Director: Rob Bowman.
Synopsis: The FBI agents get even closer to the truth about aliens.
Dean's comments: The X Files as a TV series was perfectly timed, in that it came about in the mid 90's when there was a lot of paranoia towards governments after the end of the Cold war. Indeed this is what happens when there is no 'big enemy' for the population to worry about and demonise, eyes turn towards home. The X Files film is an unfortunate attempt to milk money out of what was a failing formula by then. The TV series reached a peak in the 3rd series (approx 1996) and began to go downhill after it became obsessed with its own mythology. This film only really works if you're a fan of the series, and even then it isn't that good. If you want some classic retro-90's then I recommend you watch the X files. Don't watch this film though.
Rating: 3/10.

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